Long time math teacher leaves

Long time math teacher and student council advisor, Jim Krolikowski, is leaving Shorewood to take on a new opportunity as Dean of Students at Whitnall High School.

I am very, very thankful for all the people that I have come in contact with, and I have learned so much in my six years at Shorewood,Krolikowski said. I am going to miss it … The biggest thing is that this is an Ill see you later,’ … not a Goodbye.’”

According to those who knew and worked with Krolikowski, he was an important member of the high school community and will be missed.

Jim Krolikowski does not have a shortage of energy,said Tim Kenney, principal. He has a very clear passion for what he does. I think the students really enjoyed being in his classroom … Id want to be a high school kid in his math classroom. I think that the things that make a teacher a great teacher are the things that he is carrying forward to his next position.

Although for the majority of Krolikowskis time at Shorewood he taught integrated math III and computer science, many students used him as a resource for all math and science related questions.

I told him I needed to come in for help, and he told me I could come in before school or after school or during lunch. He was available for me and other students. Thats really something that would be hard to find anywhere else,said Paul Boechler, class of 2015.

In addition to teaching, Krolikowski was also the advisor for student council.

I think all his work with student council is undeniably going to be at the forefront of what people talk about,said Kenney. He was very involved with all [its] aspects. But really, I think he did a nice job in letting student council be run by the students.

Although Krolikowski is leaving, he has no doubt that student council will continue to run smoothly.

I had been working to make it self-sufficient … so they could run themselves. I think student council will be just fine,Krolikowski said.

Krolikowski is in the process of getting a degree in educational administration.

I want to change education for the better, and this is a very good first step toward that,Krolikowski said.

Because he previously worked at Whitnall as a math teacher, Krolikowski said he felt his new job there was a good opportunity.

This was a very unique position in that I taught at this school before and this position is designed to be a grooming or mentorship kind of administrative position,Krolikowski said.

I would hope that what I leave behind is that students just remember that I cared,Krolikowski said.

I cared about why they were there. I cared about giving them some sort of purpose or reason for coming to school instead of some mundane thing they had to do. And then making it fun … Those things I hope will be left behind.

by Katie Eder

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