Lake Bluff is introduced to new principal

(Olivia Loomis) Norland is excited to join the Lake Bluff community.
(Olivia Loomis) Norland is excited to join the Lake Bluff community.

Lake Bluff recently welcomed their new principal, Eric Norland.

“I think that Lake Bluff is a school that is doing just fantastic, so my main goal is to support the wonderful things that are going on here … [and just to] lead us forward and help us get even better,” Norland said.

Norland said his goals for the school year include the furthered incorporation of expeditionary learning, a teaching technique, into the curriculum.

“I have a background in outdoor and experiential education, and so I have a great interest in more project-based learning,” Norland said. “Implementing expeditionary learning is a big priority for this school year, and I definitely want to support that … It’s at least a four year process … but it will be something that we will want to make progress on.”

Rachel Javorsky, Lake Bluff parent, has several expectations for Norland.

“The first and foremost, is that he interacts with the students in a nice, friendly, but stern way … My second expectation is that he is communicative with the parents in different ways, not just emails, but also standing in the hallways, and welcoming in that kind of way,” Javorsky said.

“[I would like to see Norland] continue to foster the cooperative educational environment that we come to expect from Lake Bluff,” said Jesse Pagels, Lake Bluff parent.

Norland said that he has been interested in education since he was young.

“[I’ve always] been interested in education and how people learn, and I’ve always been attracted to being able to have an influence on a larger educational environment as opposed to just one classroom,” Norland said.

Prior to being principal, Norland worked as an assistant principal for four years and was also involved in special education.

Norland and his family returned to Wisconsin from Virginia.

“We love Wisconsin. The climate is much nicer. It’s kind of hot and sticky … in Northern Virginia where we were. It was pretty crowded … so we’re really happy to be back here,” Norland said.

by Bella Burns

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