Editor advice for incoming freshmen

Transitioning schools might seem scary, but we’re here to help

Use your backpacks! It not only looks better and is more efficient, but it also leaves you with use of your hands to high-five people in the hallways!

Try to use the back staircases in the administration building because it will save you a lot of time between classes.

Walk on the RIGHT side of the hallway, walk out the RIGHT door, and you will make the RIGHT impression on your peers.

When going in and out of the science building, try to use the doors that face the front lawn; they are much less crowded.

Don’t text and walk. EVER.

Just because technology is allowed doesn’t mean you should use it. Your parents got along as teenagers without technology, so you can survive for a 51-minute class period.

Don’t eat in the library *cough, don’t get caught.*

Make a good first impression on your teachers — sometimes a little sucking up is okay.

Pay attention in class because information discussed will be on your finals.

Don’t be afraid to ask to go to the bathroom or get water. As long as you’re not making a disruption, teachers will understand.

Teachers deserve just as much respect as your peers so give them your full attention. They just want to help you learn.

Tests are just tests; try your hardest but don’t beat yourself up if they sometimes don’t go as expected.

Open campus lunch is #1 awesome but #2 a privilege. Enjoy your freedom to go out for food but make sure you save enough time to get back to class after. (And that you clean up the front lawn once you finish eating!).

Don’t be embarrassed if you get emotional when you’re stressed.

Let yourself take time to relax a little. It’s not a crime to take some time for you to de-stress.

PSA: PDA is not okay.

Participate in homecoming week! It’s so much fun AND you get points for your class! And you get to look ridiculous, but for the first time in high school history everyone around you celebrates it!

You don’t have to conform to what you think people will like. Just be confident, authentic and humble.

Join plenty of clubs so you can meet new people, including us!

High school is for experimenting (with LEGAL things). Do new stuff! If you don’t try it now, when will you be able to?

Do what makes you happy. Don’t just join a club or sport or activity because you think colleges will like it. You want to look back on your high school experience and know that you enjoyed it, not just participated in something because you thought someone else would.

If the going gets rough, know that this is only high school. Sometimes it will feel like the best time of your life, and sometimes you just have to remind yourself that life will continue after.

by Ripples

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