America needs equal education

Between the Lines (Madeline Wilson)
Between the Lines (Madeline Wilson)

There is a significant difference in the quality of education available to students in the Shorewood School District and other nearby suburbs than in inner city Milwaukee. This inequality is a fact of life not only locally, but in cities across America.

American public schools receive about half their funding from local property taxes, so richer areas have well-funded schools, while poorer areas have underfunded schools.

This large disparity in academic opportunities among students is unacceptable.

Students who attend underfunded schools often trail students who attend well-funded schools by several grade levels by the time they finish high school.

Public K-12 schools should not receive their funding from local taxes. Public schools should all receive enough funding to provide a good education to their students.

Low-income schools do not effectively prepare students to compete in the global economy because they often cannot provide students with resources and support they need to succeed.

Some important characteristics of a good school include well-qualified teachers and smaller class sizes, as these tools help students meet their full potential in the classroom.

With less funding, low-income schools will be less able to provide these aspects of a good education, as underfunded schools have a disproportionate amount of underqualified and inexperienced teachers.

Experienced and qualified teachers are a crucial aspect of a students education. The knowledge and experience of a teacher reflects upon what students learn.

Smaller class sizes are vital to give students individual attention so they can learn at their best.

Underfunded schools are less likely to provide students with these key aspects of a quality education, and as a result, low-income students are less likely to graduate high school, go to college or graduate college.

Graduating high school and attending college allows people to pursue a fulfilling career while supporting themselves.

If their education allows them a successful career, people will be more likely to afford healthy food, clothes, housing and medical care. As a result, Americans will be less likely to resort to crime in order to support themselves.

Equal public education would positively affect society as a whole.

Americans lose billions of dollars over the lifetime of a high school dropout to help them gain access to necessities like healthcare and food.

The significant high school dropout rate in the US leads to an increased need for Medicare or Medicaid. This causes the country to have higher healthcare costs, going toward fortified health and longevity of dropouts.

The large number of high school dropouts also increases the need for government assistance programs like Welfare, Food Stamps and housing assistance.

If Americans had fair academic opportunities, they will be more likely to get a well paying job and the need for the governments financial assistance would decrease, saving taxpayers money.

Everyone should be allowed the same standard of education, regardless of their circumstances.

American public school funding should not be based on local taxes because equal access to good education should be a right, not a privilege.

by Between the Lines (Madeline Wilson)

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