Winter play is a hit

(courtesy Marlee Lane) The characters of "Rumors" have an  intense debate.
(courtesy Marlee Lane) The characters of “Rumors” have an intense debate.

The high school drama department performed three showings of the play Rumors on January 15, 16 and 17.

The show follows the twists and turns of a wealthy dinner party turned foul. Four couples arrive at the house of their friend, the Deputy Mayor of New York, only to find that he has shot himself in the head and that his wife and all of his house staff are gone. With frantic phone calls, long-winded lies and drinks all around, the night turns into one big cover up, for no one truly knows what happened to the Deputy Mayor.

This show was a delight to watch. With jokes flying from every character’s mouth, I was both entranced by the complicated and mysterious plot and laughing at every joke. Although the cast was composed of only ten students, who played four couples and two police officers, every member brought unique qualities to the show.

For example, Ken Gorman, played by Joey Flegel-Mishlove, senior, brought both his lawyered thinking and hilarity in distress after losing his hearing from one of the gunshots. Leonard Ganz, played by Matt Heinen, senior, delivered an excellent five-minute monologue, in which he pretended to be the Deputy Mayor in order to convince the policemen that everything was fine. This was perhaps the highlight of the show, as Heinen described, in detail, a lengthy and barely believable explanation for every strange thing that had happened that night.

Each character, though different in personality, presented a humorous and unique persona, which allowed the audience to appreciate all the punch lines.

The set consisted of a living room, staircase and doors to the kitchen and bathroom, which allowed movement between characters and storylines. It was clear upon first glance that the technical crew worked very hard to perfect the set and that their hard work paid off.

Rumors brought a refreshing theater experience to its audience and was truly enjoyable to watch.

by Elizabeth Hayes

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