Nino’s pleases

Nino’s Southern Sides, a southern style restaurant, recently opened in Shorewood. The restaurant offers a variety of food hailing from the south, ranging from fried chicken to collard greens.

Nino’s offers a cozy environment, perhaps due to the fact that it is mainly a carry-out restaurant. The setting includes a counter with chairs, as well as a few small tables, with extra chairs and a waiting area.

The service matches the cozy environment as well. The staff is kind, helpful and welcoming. The food itself is different than most options seen in Shorewood, which is a welcome change. The refreshing style offers some much welcomed diversity.

The food itself adds to the wonderful aura of the restaurant. I bought takeout and ordered many options to fully experience the menu, including fried chicken, fried pork, collard greens, yams, hash brown casserole and a piece of red velvet cake.

The fried chicken and pork were both very good, slightly greasy, but nothing unexpected when thinking of fried foods. They were both tastefully fatty, without being gluttonous.

The yams were some of the best I have ever eaten. They were sweet, cooked with what I think was brown sugar. The sweetness was delicious, and the great texture impressed me.

The hash brown casserole was quite agreeable as well. There can in fact be really no bad combination of hash browns and cheese. This was a personal favorite among the dishes I ordered.

The collard greens created a different experience from the other foods I encountered, however. The greens were boiled down, as collard greens are, and had a strong mix of spicy and smoky flavors. The collard greens were not necessarily bad, but maybe they are an acquired taste I do not possess. It resulted in a dish may have not been for me, but may have been tasteful for someone else.

Finally, the red velvet cake was very yummy. The cake was moist, fluffy and not too sweet. It also had a cream cheese frosting that was great as well, due to the fact that it was not too sweet, but still able to fulfill any personal sweet tooth.

I do recommend this restaurant to others. Even vegetarians would enjoy the restaurant, their restricted diet being oddly accommodated with the southern style food, but vegans would have a much harder time finding something to eat.

Overall I would gladly eat here again, and I recommend others to do so as well if they are looking for a new place to eat while still staying within Shorewood.

by Erin Szablewski

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