Star player makes switch

( A photo from Tejon's glory years with the Shorewood Basketball Team shows Lucas's defense skills. The team believes it will succeed, despite Lucas's absence.
( A photo from Tejon’s glory years with the Shorewood Basketball Team shows Lucas’s defense skills. The team believes it will succeed, despite Lucas’s absence.

Tejon Lucas, junior, transferred to Milwaukee Washington this year for undisclosed reasons. Lucas was a standout on the boys basketball team during his first two years of high school.

Known amongst his teammates for his goofy demeanor and serious skills, Lucas was not only a valuable player on Shorewood’s basketball team, but he has also been recognized at a higher level. Lucas has been featured on, a website which showcases select players’ high school and college basketball career highlights. Elite college scouts and coaches peruse the website, making it easier for high school boys to get recognized.

Lucas received offers to play for the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and Purdue University this summer, along with many other schools with respected basketball programs.

Three unique aspects of Lucas’s playing earned this recognition: consistency in making shots, basketball IQ (the ability to recognize and use defensive or offensive tactics to his advantage) and speed on the court.

As a sophomore, Lucas was named Woodland East Conference Player of the Year due to his impressive averages of 18.5 points per game, 4 rebounds per game and an impressive career high of 33 points in a game against Cudahy.

The loss of this 5’11” player left a gaping hole in the team, but current players said they remain confident.

Kenneth Odom and Kevin Taylor, seniors, point out younger members of the basketball team who will help make up for Lucas’s absence.

“Chris Perine and Mikael Green will both help the team,” Odom said. “It definitely changed the guard play routing, but we’ll be fine.”

While the reason Lucas transferred remains untold, the process he must go through to continue his basketball career this season is very public. Traditionally, a student who transfers after sophomore year must sit out for a full season. However, the student’s family may make an appeal to let the child play, especially in potentially high-profile situations such as Lucas’s.

“He [was] one of the best players of the team,” said Joe Franke, senior.

Proving rumors to be true, Lucas is ranked 4th in the class of 2016. Having played in neighborhood leagues and on select teams, Lucas was one of SHS’s most experienced players. However, this season’s open gyms were packed with newcomers and upperclassmen full of potential. Although boys basketball lost one of their star players, this year’s team seems self-assured, focused and prepared for a great season with the seniors leading the pack.

by Kathleen Fatica

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