Federica De Marchi from Italy

(Federica De Marchi) Federica is interested in photography and film.
(Federica De Marchi) Federica is interested in photography and film.

Federica De Marchi is a transfer student from Ormelle, Italy, a city located 40 kilometers from Venice. Coming to the U.S., De Marchi said she felt very confused because everything was different, including customs, culture and mannerisms. However, she feels that everyone is incredibly kind.

De Marchi’s first impression of Shorewood as a community was virtuous because of the intimate environment and the warm, welcoming nature of its students. She also likes how Shorewood values nature, and all of the trees and parks.

De Marchi feels like there are many surprises in her life in the U.S. “Every day, there is something new,” she said.

Caiden Spiegel, freshman, is De Marchi’s host. This is his first year as an AFS host. Spiegel’s family decided to be a host family after his older sister went abroad for a year. Spiegel said one challenge he has with De Marchi is teaching her American slang, which is always a challenge with cross-cultural connections.

“American slang, and you just have to talk a little slower,” Spiegel said, regarding challenges with the language barrier.

De Marchi is looking forward to a lot this year, including Halloween, because she loves to dress up in different outfits.

De Marchi also has a number of goals for her stay in Shorewood. She wants to become fully adjusted to being an American and she wants to make friends within her host family, SHS and the Shorewood community. De Marchi also wants to explore and learn about the culture and mentality of families in America. De Marchi feels that her schooling in America will be drastically different from her experience in Italy. In Italy, the teachers are much stricter – meaning harsher grades, less connection to students and more strictness.

So far this year, De Marchi has branched out, making an effort to join clubs that pique her interest, such as Photography Club, AFS and Copperdome.

While De Marchi is in the U.S., she would like to go out of Wisconsin, and see the Statue of Liberty in NYC if she gets the opportunity, hopefully something featured in one of AFS’s field trips.

Some hobbies and interests of De Marchi include photography, film and computers in general. She also likes to swim, listen to different kinds of music and explore the outdoors. She plays guitar, but thanks to her family of musicians back in Italy, she’s inspired to learn more – especially the bass.

De Marchi misses her home and the food in Italy, but loves Shorewood so far.

by Sana Jeong and Abby Herbert

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