Cornelius Kaufmann

(Olivia Loomis) Kaufmann plays soccer.
(Olivia Loomis) Kaufmann plays soccer.

Cornelius Kaufmann, junior, has moved to Shorewood for a year as part of a study abroad program and says he is enjoying his stay. Kaufmann came to Shorewood from Mainz, Germany, which is a city of just over 200,000 people and is located close to Frankfurt in southwestern Germany.

Despite traveling over 4,000 miles to get here, Kaufmann is not that much different from your everyday Shorewood teenager. He enjoys shopping, video games, hanging out with friends and is on Shorewood’s soccer team. He has even been given the nickname “Corn-dog” by his friends, and appears to have adjusted well to the district.

“Corn-dog is just like one of us. He’s a cool guy and is fun to spend time with. I think he’s a great addition to the SHS community,” said Austin Poole, junior.

Kaufmann likes all of the people and especially enjoys the soccer team.

Kaufmann says he finds that Shorewood isn’t too different from his hometown.

“People are more friendly here, school is a bit easier and there are much more shops,” Kaufmann said.

Kaufmann came to Shorewood through a program called AIFS, of American Institute for Foreign Study. Similar to AFS, AIFS is a study abroad program that sends students to over 20 countries and has been operating for more than 50 years.

He will be staying in Shorewood for the entire school year with the Ghojallu family, whose two younger boys attend Shorewood schools.

by Matt Heinen

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