Swimming dives in


The girls swim team wants to focus on team building this season in the hopes of maintaining their winning reputation.

“I don’t know how many teams can say that they’ve won conference eight years in a row,” said Rob McCabe, head coach of the girls swim team. “It’s something that these girls are proud of.”

Entering his 14th season as head coach, McCabe has confidence in this year’s team. “Although we graduated a very talented senior class, I’m returning an experienced group of swimmers,” said McCabe. “We’ve won the sectional meet two of the last three years … [our] racing experience is good.”

The team knows it’s going to be hard work. “Rob wants us to put into our training now what we want to get out of it at the end of the season,” said Katie Love, sophomore.

The team has a well-rounded approach to prepare for the season. McCabe and Rachel Munson and Nathalie Bolduc, senior team captains want to work on how the team interacts outside of practice.

“[The captains and I] want the swim team not just work well at the pool; we want to work well outside of the pool,” McCabe said.

McCabe and the captains hope to make out of the pool activities more of a team-bonding experience. These activities should also welcome new members to the team.

McCabe says he already knows the incoming freshmen fairly well.

“We have five freshmen, and four of them I directly coached in fifth, sixth and seventh grade – Maya Schneider, Morgan Lock, Martha Dix and Elaina Cain,” said McCabe.

He knows the fifth freshman, Lily Musto, from working with the Shorewood Swim Club.

“I’m excited to see how [the incoming freshmen] mesh with our group, and … how the team grows from last year,” said Love.

The team has been practicing for three weeks. Their next meet is Saturday, September 6, at home for the Shorewood Invite.

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