Summerfest satisfies SHS student


Kopecky Family Band

If you were wondering where the king keeps his armies, Kelsey Kopecky, the lead singer of the Kopecky Family Band, would have you covered. Throughout the show, this pretty blonde made corny jokes like this– the answer is up his sleevies, by the way– in between her amazing jaunts of singing. These slightly stupid and, I will admit, sometimes painful jokes somehow showed off the amazing chemistry between her and the rest of the band, while the band members all showed off their talent through their impressive ability to play every instrument on stage. The music was wonderful, and the concert ended up being one of my favorites of the fest.

Arctic Monkeys

Probably all of Shorewood High was at this concert, squeezed into a four-foot space on the sticky, metallic bleachers. Even though the packed onlookers resembled an enlarged can of sardines, the wait was all worth it when the band stepped on stage. The guitar riffs were perfect, the lighting was magical and Alex Turner was beautiful. It was, all in all, a great night for Summerfest.

DJ Pauly D

Notorious for both his orange skin and bad DJ-ing, Pauly D was a must see (if only for a short time). He probably fist-pumped more often than he changed the beat, had spiked hair higher than the audience members and had more Latina moms in the crowd than there are in all of New Jersey. Thanks, MTV, for bringing this talented man to our attention.

Girl Talk

Girl Talk put on one heck of a show. With constant confetti showers, sample shifts, light flashes and beat changes, hardly anyone showed signs of boredom (or sobriety) all night.

The Wailers

Surprise, surprise: the Wailers headlined Summerfest this year. As usual, they were their fun selves, playing a great quantity of reggae classics for the happy, yet slightly mellow crowd. Their groovy jams and Caribbean sound had me dancing on the tables. Another great show from the band that can now be considered a regular.


Aside from the puking college kids behind me, the atmosphere at this concert was great. Slug’s consistently clever rants and rhymes were spot on, and Brother Ali’s guest appearance made everyone go wild. Once again, Atmosphere put on a hugely successful show.

Yonder Mountain String Band

I do not know what was better: the music or the audience. Being my short self, I spent much of my time peering around Deadheads and dreadlocks in order to see the colorful concert put on by this talented bluegrass band. Yonder’s ever changing versions of songs and entertaining bass and mandolin players created a great show, but the multitude of friendly neighborhood hippies were the perfect finishing touch. The concert certainly went above and beyond my expectations.

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