Quetico adventures


Eight SHS students embarked on an annual canoeing trip to the Quetico Provincial Park in Ontario, Canada this summer. The trip, originally started in 2000, was led by Mike Gregornik, Physical Education teacher, this past summer. Quetico allows students to learn about the environment and build friendships with peers.

“The objective of the trip was to get out of the repetition and pressure of society, and really get out and enjoy such an amazing place on earth,” said Meghan Curtis, junior.

This year, the trip took place from July 14 to July 24, with two travel days and eight days total spent in the Quetico. Each day in the Quetico was structured differently, and was planned based on how the participants felt and what they wanted to do.

“We would wake up when we were rested, paddle until we wanted to stop, eat when we were hungry and then go to bed when we were tired. It’s a really incredible and unique feeling to be able to live like that,” said Brendan Nagle, senior.

The excursion also included a daytrip to a nearby waterfall and many challenging paddles. “It’s hard to pick one favorite moment from the trip, but I think it would have to be when we took a daytrip to this beautiful waterfall and played for hours. Since the water level was so high in all the lakes, the falls were so strong and powerful,” Curtis said.

“The wind was really high in the opposite direction of our basecamp and it took us four hours to go to the waterfall, but it was super cool and beautiful and definitely worth it,” said Sarah Gruber, senior.

The students were not allowed to wear watches on the trip, so they could relax and live a carefree lifestyle. “When you lose track of time and fall out of the flow of an everyday routine and start to live in the moment a little more, time actually seems to go by faster,” Curtis said. “We all just realized that it’s not about the time on the clock, but what we do with the time we are given.”

“You really don’t know somebody until you spend a lot of time with them,” Gruber said. “I thought I knew the people on the trip, but as I got to know them my opinions of them changed.”

Gruber said that she hopes people will continue to take trips with Mr. Gregornik, especially Quetico. “I would definitely recommend this trip to everyone; it was awesome, but know that you can never bring too much underwear,” Gruber said.

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