Patrick Sullivan


Meet Braun’s temporary replacement and a new assistant football coach

Patrick Sullivan, UW-Madison graduate, steps in as the temporary replacement during Jessica Braun’s, social studies teacher, maternity leave. In addition to teaching social studies, Sullivan will also serve as one of the assistant football coaches.

“Just from the few students I’ve met, it seems like this is going to be an exciting environment, and it’s just a great community to be teaching in,” Sullivan said.

Sullivan has majored in economics, history, political science and secondary education. The fresh graduate decided to pursue his career in teaching because of his natural interest in the field of education. Sullivan’s passion for coaching football emerged when he played at the high school level and was an assistant football coach at Madison West High School during his college days.

Sullivan is confident in handling students of different personalities and skill levels due to his past experience in teaching a few troublesome students and presenting them with a sense of pride during their 8th grade graduation.

With Sullivan as a teacher, students can expect “someone who is really passionate in the subject area and whose attitude is catch worthy,” Sullivan said.

As an enthusiastic teacher and coach, Sullivan offers to help every student according to their aptitude. Sullivan said the keys to keep up the spirit of motivated learning are “being passionate in teaching and addressing each student’s capability [individually].”

These values come from different people Sullivan idolizes, including Brett Favre, his French teacher, his previous coaches and some of his other school teachers. They were always “student-centered, player-centered and they always addressed their students down to their level … They just had a passion for what they were doing,” Sullivan said.

Interestingly, Sullivan’s friends compare him to a Golden Retriever because he has a “loving and people-friendly” nature. Sullivan comes from a big, loving family.  He loves spending time with them, playing with his siblings and going on vacation.

This new teacher analyzes his area of teaching on many levels, which makes learning a more interesting experience for all his inquisitive students. Even during his leisure time, Sullivan enjoys reading more about economics, social studies and football coaching techniques than any other subject, which allows him to gain more expertise in each subject area on a regular basis. According to Sullivan, social studies is an open subject where you can do a lot of experiments in the classroom. His theory is that the more interactive it gets, the more interested the students will be.

Sullivan not only looks forward to teaching various students, but he also shows eagerness to work with the administration and his co-workers.

“I was really impressed with the administration and the staff after my interview and I am looking forward to be one among the successful faculty crew,” Sullivan said.

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