New club seeks to save SHS’s birds


Bird Club was recently started at SHS by new art teacher, Iris Binor. Their goal is to prevent birds from colliding into the large windows with reflective glass in the science building. “I would see five dead birds a day sometimes between this school and SIS, because I am part-time [at SHS] and part-time there. I would see them on the ground, and it just was frustrating. So, I wanted to see if there were other people that might feel the same way, and sure enough there were, and that’s what inspired [Bird Club],” said Binor.

“A lot of birds were hitting the window and it was really sad … [f]or the past four or five months, we have been putting tape up [on the windows],” said Meredith Geissinger, junior.

Bird collisions into the windows were prevented in the past. There used to be silhouettes attached to the windows, but they were removed for cleaning. Bird Club wants to find a permanent solution.

Bird Club is using a few different methods to prevent birds from colliding into the windows. “Sometimes we use a UV liquid spray coating, specifically designed so that birds will see the glass. Because that’s their problem, they see a reflection, and they think it is reality. And so to counteract that we have to put a layer of film of some kind on the window,” Binor said.

There is also an artistic aspect to this project. Students are designing silhouettes and cutting their designs out of cardboard to be sprayed with the UV liquid spray coating. The club is looking for more people to help make silhouettes.

Another method that Bird Club uses is ABC Bird Tape. “Right now we’ve got a donation from a community member who was one of the designers of ABC Bird Tape. This tape is ultraviolet so we don’t really see it when we look outside, but the birds see it. It allows them to see a reflection,” Binor said.

Another project the club is doing is painting a curtain for the pool area in the science building. The club will not be able to get ABC Bird Tape up on the higher parts of the windows, so they will be putting a curtain there. “There is an area in the pool that really reflects light. It bothers the swimmers, so maybe this [curtain] could have a double function,” Binor said.

Bird Club meets on Fridays after school. At meetings, the club puts more tape up on the windows and talks about plans for the future. They plan on fundraising once the ABC Bird Tape runs out because the windows are very expansive. Bird Club would like to finish making the windows detectable by birds before migration season starts.

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