Boys basketball turns over a new leaf


For the first time in many years, the Shorewood boys basketball program is at the top. With a 10-6 overall record, the boys have put together one of the best Shorewood seasons in a long time. “I think it’s been a very successful season,” said Isaac Matthias, junior, “We got off to somewhat of a slow start, but we’ve picked it up and we had a big win over [New Berlin] Eisenhower.”

The Greyhounds’ win over Eisenhower landed them in second place on the east side of the Woodland Conference, behind rival Brown Deer. Another victory that turned out to be key was an 82-64 victory over St. Francis on the 7th.

One thing that has helped the team achieve such a successful year is support from the student section. “The extra support definitely helps the team and boosts their confidence,” said Brendan Nagle, junior. The televised Red-Out against Pius proved to be a great encouragement for the team and helped build confidence in the early season.

“The whole experience was really good for the school and the team. It gave us a lot more energy than we usually had, with the whole student body there to support us,” Matthias said. The Red-Out event included free t-shirts and performances by the Shorewood Pep Band. “It brought the school together to appreciate our basketball team and got many people involved in school spirit,” said Kayla Wasserman, sophomore.

Members of the boys basketball team enter a huddle during a game. The team believes that this has been one of their best seasons.
Members of the boys basketball team enter a huddle during a game. The team believes that this winter has been one of their best seasons.

Since the Red-Out game, there has been a noticeable increase in a steady fan base at the home and even some of the away games. “I think the Red-Out really encouraged a lot of people who might not normally come to games [to] come out and check it out,” Nagle said, “and I think [the team] gained a lot of new fans.”

LeVar Ridgeway, athletic director, said it was always his goal to bring more spirit to SHS. “I wanted to create an environment where home athletic events are a big deal at Shorewood.  Events like the homecoming pep rally, Red-Out and White-Out are just the first steps in creating an atmosphere where sporting events are an important part of the high school experience.”

But there is more to the success of the team than just these spirited events. The Greyhounds have been successful for a number of different reasons, according to Matthias. “I think we’ve had some good leadership and along with that, our talent levels have gone up over the past years.”

“We’ve really bought into what the coaches have been asking of us and playing as a team,” said KJ Odom, junior. The Greyhounds currently have four players averaging over ten points per game.  Te’Jon Lucas, sophomore, leads the team with 19.9 points per game followed by Kejuan Glosson, senior, with 11.5, Shayne Carrington, sophomore, with 11.2 and Odom with 10.3.

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